Ground Handling

We had Experience for Ground Handling Charter Flight at Gaya International Airport and Varanasi Airport

Many airlines subcontract ground handling to an airport or a handling agent. Speed, efficiency, and accuracy are important in ground handling services in order to minimize the turnaround time (the time during which the aircraft must remain parked at the gate).

Shashi International Group offers all Airlines operating from/to Gaya international Airport or Allahabad Airport Ground Handling services. We have been serving major airlines at the airports mentioned above since 2005. Here are some of the services we undertake on behalf of Airlines : -

ground handling Ramp Services  Luggage Checking and Handling  passenger Check in service

Passenger service

This includes services inside the airport terminal such as:
  • Providing check-in counter services for the passengers departing on the customer airlines.
  • Providing Gate arrival and departure services. The agents are required to meet a flight on arrival as well as provide departure services including boarding passengers, closing the flight, etc.
  • Staffing the Transfer Counters, Customer Service Counters, Airline Lounges, etc.


Catering includes the unloading of unused food and drink from the aircraft, and the loading of fresh food and drink for passengers and crew.

Ramp service

  • Guiding the aircraft into and out of the parking position (by way of aircraft marshalling),
  • Towing with pushback tractors
  • Lavatory drainage
  • Water cartage (to refill fresh water tanks)
  • Air conditioning (more common for smaller aircraft) etc
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