Ground Handling
Media Co-Ordinator Travel Agents

Shashi Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd provide special services for Media houses involved in Outdoor Shooting activities. We take care of full travel and lodging arrangements for your outdoor activities. Currently we cover all Indian locations including interior areas which are not easily accessible. We have also been assisting many cinema crews as Media Travel Cordinators in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Mauritius etc.

Our services will take care of you flight itinerary, total ground transport, lodging, food, guide services, local arrangements and much more. We have handled group tours for over 25 years now so size of the crew is never a problem for us.

With rising interest in South East Asian counties are shooting locales we have proved our expertise in those location as well. We have our offices in 7 other countries where we can provide dedicated service to our clients in thick and thin.

Feel free to contact us in case you are looking for a Reputed Travel Agent to handle you Media Co-Ordinator Job.

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