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Excellent Services & Dedication

I have always considered myself to a very sophisticated traveler. Nothing in my reading could have prepared me for my first stop, Mumbai. So many people, so much traffic, so much noise. The Taj Hotel was my base, a quiet and serene oasis with impeccable service much I suspect as it was during the English rule. After three days we flew to Agra, the home of the extraordinary, stunning Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world.
Cochin is so much smaller than Mumbai and easier to navigate with a great history.

Although I have only been to three cities in India, I must go many times again to continue my discovery of this beautiful and complex country.

Excellent Services & Dedication
Dear Team, This is to thank you for booking our tickets and all onward connections. We had a great trip thanks to you and your super efficient service.
Excellent Services & Dedication
India for me was how the places, the people and their spirituality touched all my senses.  I was very moved, especially in Varanasi. At 5AM we took a river boat on The Ganges and watched the day begin as thousands of people washed, brushed their teeth, did ceremonial prayers. And then from a distance we viewed the preparation for a cremation. And utmost in my memory is the extraordinary monument, the Taj Mahal, so exceptional that we visited early morning then evening to see the different light and color cast on this great monument.
Excellent Services & Dedication
India was an unforgettable trip for me from New Delhi to khajuraho,Agra, Kerala, TT had arranged a very nice & cheap trip for us so we would recommend to everyone if you are planning to go to India go through with TT to make a best trip. We wish to TT & Sunil all the best for his new business.
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